Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello again blogging world!

I just might win an award for biggest blogging slacker! But, I'm finally posting again!! :)

We have had a busy couple of weeks. Ellie's schedule is becoming busier than mine. I have to work around HER soical calender...already the demanding diva! LOL!

Wednesdays: Mother Goose Time at the Library
Thursdays: Infant Playgroup
Fridays: Big JL Playgroup

And, we might join Kelly and Paige for stroller fit on Tuesdays.

Whew...we're booked! :) But, of course, having fun and LOVING every second of it!

My mom just visited for a few days of her Spring Break last week, and we all enjoyed seeing her and having her hang out with us! Ellie is beginning to realize that Grandma Callie is fun!!

Ellie updates:
Ellie is now; pulling up on everything, inch worming it on the floor (not really crawling yet, technically), talking A LOT and showing us more of her cute personality every day!

Here are some recent pics:

Another tutu photo shoot with mommy.

At the Houston Rodeo watching Reba!

Getting a little sleepy and wanting dada to hold her.

Ellie loved the music and lights!!

Ellie loves Jamin's old rocking chair! This is the one he had
when he was a little kid! She rocks herself back and forth and
smiles because she's so proud of herself.

Playing before we head to Allison's to watch Twilight!

Black and White Party!

Dada and Princess Ellie

Big Blue Eyes!

Ellie...waiting for playgroup to start at Brittney's house

One of her first big girl baths! (I used her baby tub FOREVER!)
But, now that she is really sturdy sitting on her own, I let her take
"big girl baths"...she likes her big girl baths sooo much more now!
More room, more water, more splashing and toys!