Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Day for Baby Ellie!

Today was a big day for Ellie. She not only received her first round of immunizations, but she also had her first bath where she didn't scream her head off! (The latter doesn't seem as important, but believe me...after hearing a screaming baby every time you bathe her...a quiet happy bath is a huge milestone!!)

The Bath:
Nearing 7 weeks with our precious Ellie...we have started to pick up on her likes and dislikes. Baths, changing her diaper and changing her clothes are very much classified under "dislikes"! I personally don't understand her dislike of changing outfits...I she MY daughter?? LOL!! I'm thinking she's just proving to be a modest girl...she doesn't like being in her Birthday Suit!! :) So, after weeks of going from happy baby to screaming red tomato in an instant when any of these 3 events was a wonderful joy, and what I consider a great milestone when I hesitantly put her in her rainforest themed baby bathtub today. Preparing myself for a screaming session...she surprisingly just sat there very contently as I lathered her in her Johnson's baby body wash. Yea!! Success at last! I was strangely proud of her minuscule accomplishment. I believe I have truly arrived into the world of motherhood.

The Dr. Visit:
Today was also Ellie's first round of immunizations. She sees a really nice pediatrician named Dr. Chandler. She did her residency and first years of work at the Dallas Children's Hospital and has worked here in The Woodlands for a while now. I was sooo dreading going to this visit. I hate to hear Ellie cry (except for her poutty big bottom lip fake cry...I love that cry! Sooo cute). On the other hand, I also couldn't wait to go to the visit because I do love to hear about her growth in height and weight, and get all my baby questions answered. And, I am so happy to report that Ellie weighed in at 9 lbs 14 oz! :) Yea!! She has come a long way from losing 10% of her weight at the hospital and leaving at 6 lbs, to nearing 10 lbs within this short amount of time. She also is measuring 22 inches long, the 75th percentile for height. Everything was great and all of the exam was wonderful and Ellie was in a happy mood...and then came the immunizations. I gave Ellie grape flavored infant Tylenol, which she really liked and was very cute smacking her little lips and sticking her tongue out as if she was wanting more. Then came the part I was dreading all day. The nurse was immunizing her for 6 different viruses with 3 shots. She was sprawled out on the table with her little progressively chubby thighs bare and I grabbed her tiny hands that she was holding over her head. She was so happy...and then a look of fear came across her face and the screaming and crying started. As a mom, I felt so helpless. I knew she needed those shots, but I felt so bad for my sweet little baby because I know that hurt. Ellie was a trooper though, I picked her up right after the nurse was done and she stopped crying within just a minute or so. I told her that she was "very brave", I think that helped. LOL! :)

I know that this is just a glimpse of different milestones to come in Ellie's life. I feel so special and blessed to get to experience everything in Ellie's life with her and be there every day with my sweet little baby. She is the best thing in Jamin and my lives. We are so blessed. :) I can't wait for every event to come!

Friday, September 19, 2008