Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Looks like Ellie is going to be into dancing when she grows up...she already has some moves!! :) I don't really know where she gets it (I know I can't dance)...but, this little Ginger Rogers is already amazing crowds (mommy and daddy) at the young age of 6 months.

Watch out So You Think You Can Dance, Americas Best Dance Crew etc. competitions.....here is Ellie Miller in her debut performance:

"She is a baby dancing genius...I'm so proud...NO I'M NOT BECOMING A STAGE MOM!"

Friday, January 23, 2009


The only set up this needs is that it makes me sooo happy every time I watch it, it is just sooo cute of Ellie, it cracks me up every time...hope you think it's as funny as I do!

(Oh, and I'm recording this, holding Ellie and popping the waffle...so sorry I'm at points staring creepily into the camera...I'm making sure it's turned in the right direction to catch Ellie laughing. Also...you might want to turn the music at the bottom of the page off to hear the video better.)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009!!! Happy New Year!

It's a NEW YEAR! Happy 2009!

We spent 2009 at our friends Brittney and Cody's house with just a small group of our friends and their kids. It was really chilled, relaxed and fun. We all just ate, talked and rang in the New Year. Ellie was the only kid to see the ball drop both times, at both 11 and 12. (Which means she wouldn't go to sleep. LOL!) She was excited to see what was going on and what all of the exitement was about.

This was also the first year that I didn't kiss my hubby at midnight...we both kissed Ellie's cheeks instead! :) We had a cute little family moment while ringing in the New Year.

I always like New Years Eve and the start of the New Year. But, this year in particular I feel really inspired and energized by the New Year for some reason. I really feel like setting some important goals in my life and trying to achieve them this coming year. I am not doing the whole New Years Resolution thing this year. Instead of trying to reform something in my life or give something up, I want to make things happen, strive to create, achieve and experience new things in my life. I'm not going to openly disclose my personal, private goals on this blog, but I have a few important goals to me... and I hope that within this year I will succeed in accomplishing them. And then next year I'll probbably be back to giving up Cokes and Ice Cream!! :)

Below are some cute pics of Beau and Ellie hanging out with eachother on New Years Eve and some pics of The Miller Fam ringing in the New Year at 12! Happy 2009 Everyone!

Beau and Ellie, best friends already!


Me and my little night owl.

The Miller Fam...I love my little family! (Ellie doesn't seem to be liking all the noise in this pic!)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008 in CC!

Well, we had a wonderful Christmas in Corpus. We started the festivities with Christmas Eve Church service at my family's church, First United Methodist Church. Ellie did as well as could be expected...meaning I had to take her out about 10 times! At least we were prepared and sat in the back. :) We then went to my parent's house for a while to say hi to everyone at their annual Christmas Eve get together. After that we headed out to Jamin's Aunt Dene and Uncle Terry's house on The Island for their annual Christmas Eve Party. Every year we do a $10 gift exchange at the party that is really fun! This year I ended up with a gold bird and Jamin took home a tool set. It's always funny seeing what everyone ends up with. One year we got a chia pet and candle sticks! LOL!! It was the first time some of Jamin's aunts and uncles got to see Ellie, so it was really awesome spending time with them and introducing Ellie to all of the extended family.

Christmas day was wonderful too. My mom of course made Christmas morning soooo special for Ellie. She got Ellie her own stocking, had it monogrammed and filled it with presents and treats! With the combination of things we bought for Ellie that were "from Santa" and things my mom got her...Ellie had a wonderful Santa visit for her first Christmas morning! :) Too bad she had no idea what was going on...and only played with 2 of her toys before she passed out from all of the excitement! LOL! It was very special though to be with Ellie and see her excitement on her first Chirstmas morning. And, another very special event... my Mom got Ellie her first Madame Alexander doll. My sister and I collected them when we were growing up, and now I am so excited that Ellie will collect them too! Ellie was also so lucky to get some beautiful presents from my Aunt's and Uncle's and my Mimi, Jamin's grandmother Momo and Janis.

My mom's attention to detail for everything Christmas and my dad's wonderful cooking and everyone's Christmas spirit and happiness made Christmas morning so much fun. Thank you Callie and Hooner for making Chirstmas so wonderful.

After we opened presents and had breakfast at my parent's house, we headed over to Jamin's parent's house for a South Texas Christmas lunch (AKA Mexican Food! YUMMY!!!) and presents with The Millers. Jamin's parent's got Ellie some toys that she LOVED! She loves this little train that they got her with animals that attach onto it. She also loves this spinning animal toy they gave her. Papa Jerry showed Ellie the Chirstmas tree and Grandma Lynn played with Ellie and showed her her new toys. They also made the Chirstmas holiday so special for Ellie...when we drove up to their house, there was a huge blow up Frosty the Snowman scene!! And, it played music! Ellie liked looking at the huge frosties in the front yard. Thanks Jerry and Lynn for making everything so fun!

Then it was back to my parents house later that evening for Christmas dinner. Whew...I'm getting exhausted just thinking of our busy schedule over the holidays.

It is so wonderful being with family over the holidays. I miss everyone already. Our time in CC went too fast!! Hugs and Kisses to all of our family and friends! Wish we could see you all more often.

Ellie's Santa presents and stocking Christmas morning

Daddy and Ellie

Mommy and Ellie about to unwrap presents

Pretty baby girl in her Christmas PJ's...holding her first baby Juicy Couture track suit...thanks Grandma Callie!!

Pretty blue eyes

Playing with her toy Grandma Lynn got her