Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ellie's 1st Birthday!!

Ellie just celebrated her first birthday on August 6th!! :) I made a strawberry cake with vanilla icing shaped like a heart for her and put up a big Happy Birthday sign and streamers to celebrate. Then, we went to our baby playgroup and I tried to make her wear a birthday girl hat, but...she of course ripped it right off!

The following weekend we had a princess party for her! It was really fun. A lot of our friends and family came to help us celebrate and I think Ellie loved all of the attention.

She got shy when it was time to blow out her birthday candle on her princess cake and put her sweet little head on my shoulder. I helped her blow out her candle. And, when everyone started clapping she liked that, she clapped too!

Ellie seemed to really love her birthday party! She seemed like she was having so much fun playing with all of her friends. And she ate 3 pieces of her princess birthday cake!! (We let her splurge!) And Ellie loved crawling in and out of her princess castle that mommy and daddy got her.

Everyone got her such adorable birthday presents, really cute clothes and fun toys. She will be stylin and having fun playing with her new toys for a long time! Ellie is truly a blessed little girl to have such thoughtful, sweet friends and family around to love her! Thank you all again so much!!

Ellie also got a really big present for her birthday!! A few days after her birthday party, we found out that I am pregnant again! Ellie is going to be a big sister!! :)