Monday, December 22, 2008

Corpus Christi bound!!

I am sooo excited to go to Corpus tomorrow! I can't wait to see all of our family and friends and start getting our Christmas on!!! Yeah!! Merry Christmas everyone!

Top 10 things I love about Christmas:

10) Presents (ok, it's gotta be on the list, presents are fun!)
9) People running around like crazy on Christmas Eve, and the exitement in the air
8) Mall and street Christmas Decorations, the tackier the better!
7) Cheesy Christmas Sweaters
6) Christmas Parties!
5) Fudge...I don't know why but fudge around Christmas time is AWESOME!
4) Christmas Carols
3) Feel good Christmas Movies
2) Spending time with family and friends
1) Introducing Ellie to the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus, and witnessing her first experience with all of our Christmas traditions and special family events around this time of year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And...we're back! ;)

Ok, so it's been a really long time since I last blogged!!! But, we just got a new computer...yeah!! And, I organized all my photos and I'm ready to go again! :)

Here are some catch up photos of what we've been doing the past couple of months:

*We've been taking Christmas photos and going to the last meetings and holiday parties for the year etc. and we celebrated Jamin's 28th birthday!

Family Christmas photos by the HUGE Christmas Tree in Market Street:
(Little did we know that I picked the night to take pictures that it was really cold and there was a parade going on in Market Street...but, it made it feel very festive! Santa was there and carolers, so it was fun to see all that and take our christmas photos.)


Trying to get Ellie's first Christmas card photo:





*Jamin's 28th Birthday was on December 2nd, but he was in Michigan on we celebrated that weekend when he got home. We had a party at our house for him and had a bunch of friends over. I made tortilla soup, queso and chips and a birthday cake! We had a great time! :)


*We went home to Corpus over Thanksgiving and had 2 delicious Thanksgiving dinners one with my family and one with Jamin's family. Thanks parents for the great food. I'm still dreaming of yummy turkey, dressing and green bean casserole! Everyone loved getting to see Ellie again and see how she's gotten so much bigger and more alert and fun! We had a great time in Corpus eating and hanging out with family.

*Halloween party at our friends Rob and Lindsays, it was really fun with all the kids and moms dressed up! The dads had fun too, just hangin out. :)
*I went to 2 different pumpkin patches trying to get photos of Ellie for her first are some...

Attempted Halloween photo shoot in the pumpkin patch:


All the kids at Rob and Lindsay's Halloween party;
Avery, Beau, Ellie and Dylan

The farmer and her prize pumpkin.