Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sitting, sitting everywhere...and pulling up on things too!

Ellie has been sitting really well lately, so well, that I don't have to hover around her anymore... really! She has also been pulling up on things and this week has just started to try to get on her knees and pull up with her arms. As for crawling...no signs of that yet. Ellie likes to be up high on us or things around her and she pulls up to get higher. Whenever we put her on her tummy for potential crawl time...a screaming fest usually follows. But, she did get up into the crawling position today for the first time...only for a second, then she fell and started crying. She's so adorable. We're still having so much fun with our little munchkin!

Here are some pics of her recent accomplishments...

Ellie sitting in a shopping cart at HEB by herself! Big Girl.
Thanks to Jamin's cousin Amy for the shopping cart
cover, we LOVE it!!

Here is another pic of Ellie making good use of the
shopping cart cover...in a high chair...sitting like a
big girl! She looks so adorable in this sweet little outfit
that my Mimi gave her. :)

Ellie and her friend Beau at a playdate at our house.
Ellie was really excited that Beau and Brittany came
over to see us. They had fun together! Look how great
Ellie is sitting all by herself!

Ellie getting into crawling position for about 2 seconds
...then it was tears and screaming until I put her
sitting upright to play with her toys. She is a girl who
knows what she likes and dislikes, that's for sure!

Little miss priss starting to pull up on her toys. (her
feet are sort of indian style in this pic and she is pulling
up on them) She has also begun to pull up on people
(if you're sitting byher) and the couch, big toys etc.

I can't believe she's getting so big..and will be
crawling soon! I'm not ready!
I've still got to baby proff....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Adorableness of Ellie....

Our little valentine.

Ellie loves her Da-da!

So fresh and so clean clean!

Toy time!

Ellie trying to avoid the paparazzi (aka mommy and my camera)

Cutie pie

HUGE monumental day...Ellie's first Houston Galleria experience!
My momma (aka Grandma Callie), Ellie and me.

Sporting her baby Lilly Pulitzer outfit.

So happy :)

Our first Infant Playgroup at The Tarro's

Ellie and Paige...little buddies

Our Big Junior League playgroup! All the babies are sooo cute!
Ellie is in the back with the red pants and HUGE red bow! :)

Big girl...sitting all by herself!

Aunt Cindy's napkins are pretty and fun!!

Daddy's little helper...working on projects in the Garage

Ellie acting shy...

Her favorite thing in the whole world...ABC's

EXTREME close up of the fam getting ready to head out
the door to watch the super bowl at the Hampshire house.
Can you tell who we were rooting for??? :)